Read Chapter 1

Week one

Wild Dogs 1
Wild Dogs 2
Wild Dogs 2
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Acinonyx jubatus

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Read Chapter 6

Week two

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Citation Formatting
Grading rubric for exercise #1

These links are important for exercise #1

Week three

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Foraging behavior pages 186-192

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Instructions on submission of Text Exercises

1. The next Text Exercise must be submitted by email with the following subject line:

2.  Submissions should be addressed (a) to Gareth at, and (b) with a copy to me at

3. All submissions must have your FULL NAME on each page of the submission.

Example of TH1 exercise getting most of the available points

Read Chapter 4

Week four

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Read Chapter 4

Week five

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Consider doing Exercise TH2b. See text to the right.

Alternate Take-home TH2b

You can include TH2b as an exercise that you do as one of your five exercises throughout the semester. In other words, if you do this exercise and your score is better than all other THs completed, then it can be included in your final grade. The exercise is downloadable with the red button.

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Read Chapter 4

Week six

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Read Chapter 10 and  7

Week seven

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Read Chapter 10 and  7

Week seven

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Midterm #1 Pretest
Rubric TH3

Comments on TH3

In question #1, the write up tells you how to do the calculation, and you should end up with numbers that would allow you to report the percent increase due to the food addition treatment. 

In question #2, the way the problem suggests doing the calculation is obscure. Notice that the lines for 1996 and 1997 are parallel, so the difference due to year is the difference between the lines. You can see that this difference is the same for all densities of squirrels by just taking a number off the lines for any squirrel density, and take the difference. Then do the same for another density, and you’ll see that the difference is the same (or nearly so). That difference is what you are asked to calculate-leading to a single number. 

The rubric has a fifth row asking for a discussion of the exercise. In that discussion, I want to see that you understand the difference between density-dependent and density-independent effects on population growth or factors leading to population growth such proportion weaning a litter. I recommend that you incorporate what you learned from Chapter 10 on this subject. There is an entire section on “effect of density” in chapter 10. 

New Midterm #1 pretest

Study for test

Week eight

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Read Chapts 15 and 14

Week nine

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Data Structures Extra Credit

Consider extra credit exercise

Read Chapts 15 and 14

Week ten

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Consider extra credit exercise

Read Chapts 15, 14, 16

Week eleven

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Read Chapts  16, 19

Week twelve

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Consider extra credit exercise

Data Structures Extra Credit
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There is a midterm test (#2) on Thursday Nov. 19

 Midterm #2 Pretest

Read Chapts  17, 19

Week thirteen

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Consider extra credit exercise

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Draft Rubric for TH5

Week thirteen

Nearly all grades on assignments, tests, extra credit, etc. are posted on Webcampus. There are two announcements pertinent to you for the rest of the semester:

  1. 1.If 85% of the class completes the course evaluation on webcampus, all persons in the class will receive an additional 10 points of extra credit (above and beyond all other extra credit earned in the class.

  2. 2.If you are satisfied with your grade as of now, you can take that current grade as the grade in the class without taking the final exam - ONLY IF you attend all remaining lectures. If you miss any remaining lecture, you must take the final exam, which will be averaged into the final grade. If you are hoping to improve your grade with the final exam, the graph below shows what is possible in terms of improving your grade IF you get a perfect score on the final. Be realistic about how you will do on the final (use your experiences on midterms to guess how you will do on the final, and be aware that the final could improve or degrade your final grade.

  3. 3.If you are going to take the final exam, please email me that you will. I want to copy only enough exams for those who show up.

  4. 4.If you have questions about these announcements, please email asap.