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Graded Lecture Material - There are several forms of graded lecture material (pop quizzes, class exercises, take-home projects, a lecture test, and a final exam).

Pop Quizzes – Pop Quizzes occur at random times. These quizzes will typically last no more than 4 minutes administered at any time during the class period.

Text Exercises – Roughly every two weeks, you will do a text exercise. These exercises add to quite a few points, so you should give yourself lots of time to do them.  See the schedule of exercises below. 

Lecture test - There will be one class test (only one) during the semester. This test will consist of a variety of kinds of questions, including short essay questions. Practice test questions will be given to you in advance of the test to help you prepare for the test. This test is worth a substantial number of points, so you MUST do well on it.

Discussion – Some parts of what we cover can be learned in part from discussion and exercises. The discussions and exercises will be used to assign credit for participation. 

EECB Colloquium Lectures (Optional) – The graduate program Ecology, Evolution, and Population Biology presents a lecture series in the hour soon after our Thursday class (4 pm Thursdays in DMS 104). You can get 1 point for each lecture you attend and turn in a 50-100 word report on what you learned from the lecture. (Reports should be turned in via email, and there is a limit of ten points achievable by this means).

Final Exam - The final exam is comprehensive, but it will emphasize the final sections of the course.

Make ups: In general, there will be NO make-up exams, but arrangements can be made to take a test early when there is a reasonable need.

Final Grade - The final grade is computed according to points accumulated and determined as a percent of all points earned relative to points assigned (see table of scores below). Keeping track of your grade is your responsibility, and knowing your current grade will be important as you take pop quizzes.

Reading Material – Readings are important as material that will be parts of discussions in class, and they will appear on the text exercises and in-class tests, so read, read, read.

Academic Honesty – Academic honesty includes not cheating, plagiarizing (submitting the language, ideas, thoughts, or work of another person as one’s own, or allowing another person to use your work in this way), or otherwise obtaining grades under false pretenses. Be aware of UNR’s policies on academic dishonesty. Penalties can include canceling a student’s enrollment without a grade, giving a grade of F for the course, or suspension from the university. For details, see the UNR Catalog, which is available online. 

Class Decorum – All cell phones must be turn off (voice and text) during class. People should come to class prepared to stay during the entire lecture – I would prefer that you NOT leave during lectures except in case of emergency. If you know that you have to leave class early, please let me know before the class starts so that I can know what is happening when you walk out. If you have a personal emergency requiring you to leave, please tell me about it after the class.

Course Requirements and Grading – Your final grade is determined by the percentage of assigned points on all graded material.

Graded Material and Classroom Conduct