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  1. 1.Herpy Thing Assignments

3. I have put Powerpoint Lectures on Dropbox. If you have difficulty getting to these, let me know.

I have loaded four songs by Laurie Vitt for your enjoyment. To listen to them, click on the picture of Laurie Vitt as a Rock Star from the “Class Intro page, or the button to the right here. Then, you will see icons with controls to control the audio.

2. Laurie Vitt Music

4. I have put a PDF called Nevada Frogs and Toads as a button in the Lab page. Please download this PDF in preparation for lab.

Anaxyrus nelsoni

Beatty, Nevada

5. The Powerpoint Lecture for Monday (salamanders) has been put into the Dropbox.

6. You should bring your Field Guide to laboratory this week.

Announcements in blue are for Week 2

7. A NEW Powerpoint for Monday Lecture has been put in the Dropbox.

8. A NEW Powerpoint for Wednesday Lecture has been put in the Dropbox.

9. Two new handouts were placed on the Lab page for you to download.

10. There are two PowerPoints for Wednesday’s lecture now in Dropbox.

11. Please DO NOT open files on Dropbox. Download files to your computer BEFORE opening them.

12. The Literature Review #1 PDF can be obtained from the Assignments Page

Announcements in green are for Week 3

  1. 13.Reading for Amphibians

Chapter 17

Amphibian parts of Chapt 4

Amphibian parts of Chapt 5

Amphibian parts of Chapt 6

Amphibian parts of Chapt 7

Amphibian parts of Chapt 8

Amphibian parts of Chapt 9

Amphibian parts of Chapt 10

Amphibian parts of Chapt 11

14. We’ve put the Powerpoint on the DropBox for Frogs.

15. We’ve put the Lab Powerpoint on the DropBox for the snake lab.

16. A copy of the lab exercise on snakes has been put on the Lab Intro page.

Announcements in brown are for Week 4

17. Recent deposits of Powerpoints have been put in BOTH as .ppt and .pptx files as some of you have had trouble downloading the files.

18. I’ve put newer versions of the frog lectures in DropBox.

19. I’ve put the Herpy Things in the DropBox

20. I’ve put the schedule of when the Lab can be open on the Lab Intro page.

Announcements in purple are for Week 5

21. I’ve put a powerpoint on synapsids in the Dropbox.

22. I’ve put a study guide here that can be downloaded; Press Here.

23. I’ve put a powerpoint on dinosaurs in the Dropbox.

24. If you accidentally delete a file in the Dropbox, will you please tell us!!

Announcements in red are for Week 6

25. I’ve updated the Powerpoint for the very first lecture

26. I’ve put the “extra credit” exercise in the “assignments” page. This will not be due on Monady (maybe Wednesday). I’ll let you know the due date on Monday.

Announcements in turquoise are for Week 7

27. I’ve posted instructions/advice on how to write your term paper well. Press HERE to download these instructions.

28. We posted the handout for the turtle lab.

Announcements in black are for Week 8

28. I’ve posted the literature review paper #2 under the “assignments” button.

29. I’ve posted the lecture for Monday (Tuatara and Lizards in the DropBox.

Announcements in dark green are for Week 10

30. I’ve posted Instructions for the term paper as their own button in the introductory page and as a downloadable file on that page.

31. I’ve posted a study guide for the second midterm test. It has its own button on the intro page.

Announcements in dark purple are for Week

Dick Tracy